Traditional Thai Massage

The Thai massage is perfect thanks to a combination of stretching exercises and to a stimulation of the acupressure points combined in one unit. This way, you will get into a good physical fitness and mental well-being; your entire musculoskeletal system will get relaxed and your energy pathways will be cleared. Despite the intensity of this technique, it is not exhausting for the massage therapist or the client. When looking at the masseur at work, you will get a feeling that the whole procedure is actually a meditation.

What are the basic Thai Traditional massage treatment effects?

  • Very relaxing and harmonizing,
  • Removes energy blocks in the body and restores internal balance,
  • Supplies energy for the entire body and relieves it of pain and tension,
  • Has a positive effect on mental relaxation and it strengthens the nerve system,
  • Improves blood circulation, increases the excretion of harmful substances from the body,
  • Relieves movement and muscular apparatus stimulate the activity of internal organs.
  • It is therefore particularly suitable for uncontrollable feelings of stress, overall fatigue of the organism, increased physical exertion, pain in joints, muscles, and tendons from congestion.

If you want to fully experience the full effect of the massage, treat yourself not by running from work or before working hours, but keep this magnificent relaxation for the evening or early evening. After the massage, effects will be multiplied if, in peace and quiet, you will just lie down and feel your body, feel the gentle flow and release of the newly awakened energy.

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