Swedish massage

The so-called Swedish massage falls into the category of relaxation massages. The Swedish massage is similar to the sports massage; it represents one of the techniques designed for relaxation with oil, or with the use of aromatherapy and is therefore more than any other massage designed to soothe and relax the body and release the tension and stress.

It can take half an hour or an hour and a half, depending on the circumstances. During this massage, the importance is placed on nice and gentle pressure with the hands on the body and their constant physical contact with the client. During the Swedish massage, it is more important than ever to ensure that the body and mind are relaxed, and therefore is more focused on working with the energies of the body and creating a pleasant, smooth and continuous feeling during the massage.

The Swedish massage is suitable for everyone. When experiencing long lasting back problems, it is appropriate to combine it with other massage techniques.

What are the basic treatment effects? It is:

  • Helps regulate bowel, calms the nerve system, and relieves the body of stress,
  • Works towards a great physical and mental relaxation,
  • Harmony and relaxation for whole body, mind, and soul,
  • Excellent prevention against diseases, immunity system.

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