Foot Massage

Thai foot massage

The Thai foot massage comes from the Wat Pho temple school in Bangkok, but its roots date back to the ancient China. This method is thousands of years old in Thailand even today it is one of the most popular massage services. It has a positive effect on the psyche, it eliminates the accumulated stress and relaxes the overall body.

The massage works to stimulate the energy lines and points on the feet and legs; its very nature is harmonizing. It is a combination of relaxing techniques, acupressure, stretching stiff muscles and releasing the tension in the joints.

Specifically, the masseur/masseuse uses a special wooden peg with which deep stimulation of acupressure points is performed. This affects various internal organs and improves their functionality. Any experienced masseur will achieve the same effect by using fingers.

What are the basic Thai Foot treatment effects?

  • The harmonization of the body and mind,
  • The creation of a feeling of total relaxation and lightness of feet,
  • The improvement of the blood and lymphatic circulation
  • The ability to reduce the risk of development of civilization diseases associated with poor blood circulation.

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