Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Thai oil massage uses elements of traditional Thai massage, customary Chinese medication, Indian Ayurveda, and uncommon back massage oils. This option unwinding and restorative back massage strategy includes the utilization of power to the vitality pathways of individual organs of the human body, called meridians and their weight focuses, with the goal that the entire body is exposed to deliberate weight from the highest point of the head through the neck, spine, back muscles, and furthermore of the arms and legs, including fingers. It utilizes moderate and pulling contacts joined with extending and pressure point massage to unblock vitality in the body, to release the joints, muscles, ligaments, extending the spine.

What are the essential Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage treatment impacts?

  • A good effect on the vascular system, blood system, lymphatic system,
  • It strengthens the immune system, reduces swelling, hardening of tissues,
  • Helps regulate bowel, calms the nerve system, and relieves the body of stress,
  • Works towards a great physical and mental relaxation,
  • Harmony and relaxation for whole body, mind, and soul
  • Excellent prevention against diseases.

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